The Equalizer (Denzel Washington) Reading Through the “Top 100 Books You Should Read Before You Die”

Az Equalizert nézem éppen – már másodjára. Elsőre nem igazán tetszett, illetve úgy éreztem, nem váltotta be a hozzá fűzött remén, eimet. Kíváncsi voltam, másodjára, évek múltán ad-e valami más élményt, felismerést.

First Friday Book Synopsis

In the old days, I would go to movie theaters. Not so much anymore. Now, I mostly watch movies through some form of streaming or premium or on-demand access. So, I’m a little “late” on my movie comments.

This past weekend, I watched The Equalizer. If you haven’t seen it, Denzel Washington plays a former CIA killing machine, who is now living a quiet life working at a big Home Depot style superstore. He’s kind of a … how do I word this… “one-to-one coach, defender, savior” to some folks in trouble.

Yes, it gets violent. But the soft, quiet touches are so very engaging.

Denzel Washington (The Equalizer) readingSo, why write about this on this blog. Apparently, his character, Robert McCall, lost his wife sometime before this story. She had read the 100 books a person should read before they die (see the link below). Now, maybe in her memory, he was…

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