Daily Prompt: Clone Wars

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

Assignment: essay in the school of life
Deadline: today
Minimum word count: not specified
Title: If I were a clone… (or wait, would I want to be the clone? No, no, no, no, so rather:) If I were cloned.

That’s it.

If I Were Cloned

  If I were cloned that would be very good. (well, you need a key sentence, don’t you? This gives the tone of my essay.) It would mean there are two of me, which, in itself, would be a rather fortunate event for the world and furthermore it would be most fortunate for me. Because then I’d have two of myself so I could do twice as more as I can handle now.

  Because we were the exact copy of each other  she were the exact copy of me no one would realise that it’s not me attending meetings, giving presentations and messing up that very important project. I could even be late and it wouldn’t be me. (See, how cool it is?)

  I could enjoy my life, socialise, stay at home for lunch, work on my crafts, sleep in, sip coffee all day long… I’d have the time to clean, to declutter, to try on new make-up, ah and that new nail polish, fairly bold for the office business attire dresscode…ah, yeah, I could wear it for a week!
If I were a little bored, I’d go into the office to get the latest gossips, have lunch with the girls and I wouldn’t have any problem with picking up the job she left because… see? She would be me so it were the same as if I had worked!

  I could spend days with my cat, Florence and I could go home for loooong holidays and spend plenty of time with my family, I’d be there for the birth of my cousin’s first baby, helping out my Mum, cooking together with one of my sisters, playing Monopoly with the other, we could go to see a play in the theatre and drop into the bath for a night sauna afterwards!

  However, (something just popped into my mind.) Should my clone use the same clothes, make-up and nail polish? (One needs to assess an issue from all important angles, you see.) ‘Coz I really wouldn’t want that. For if she were the exact same copy of me she would have the same great taste and that bold spearmint nail varnish… that would be used up twice as quickly as if I had used it alone!

menta körömlakk

So thanks but no, thanks. If I have a choice, I don’t want to be cloned.

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